Flight provides a wide range of integrated communications services

and develops the right tool for the right job

to improve internal communications.

Route Planning

Planning, scheduling, customising, strategy, analysis, integration, altitude control, preparation and research all form a part of crafting the right communications solution.  When you know we are going, to you can reach a destination simply.  At Flight, we help you define and refine your communications plans. We plan thoroughly so that we can measure what we achieve, then we adjust and move on.



Providing specialised safety communications solutions, Flight develops multifaceted safety communications initiatives that work, initiatives that change the way people think and initiatives that change the way people believe. Working across all industry sectors, Flight’s Safety Channel produces powerful results in health, safety, environment and quality.



Flight’s Induction modules bring people on board quickly and simply. We customise your induction and leadership programmes into audio visual and other experiences, using sound management and training principles.

social media and apps

Targeted social media initiatives for internal audiences plays a substantial role in shaping how people think in an organisation. Using crossover and integrated platforms, Flight’s developers create and manage tools that are simple to use and easily accessible.

TV & Radio

Flight’s internal TV and Digital Radio Channels are an integral part of creating a successful communications platform in organisations.  These customised channels reach audiences anywhere in the world and supports internal communications exercises.  Flight installs, creates content and runs internal TV and radio channels.



Flight’s design Studios produce digital signage content, animation, video, general design work, print, newsletters and Facebook initiatives.

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